The Light Between Us by Katie Khan

Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

To find a novel as enjoyable as The Light Between Us is almost like a syzygy – it happens once every ten years. Khan’s ability to portray the trials of time travel and long lost love whilst simultaneously highlighting strong female friendships is a masterpiece in itself.

The story follows Thea, a grad at Oxford, who is studying physics. Fueled by her interest for time travel, Thea wishes to further her study of it but is renounced by her professors. She secretly builds her own ‘time machine’ – a glass prism which she attaches a laser to to reflect light. With the help of her friends, a failed attempt results in one of them going missing. Where did she go? Or more importantly, what point in time did she go to? With the help of her long lost friend, Issac, Thea finally gets the answers she’s looking for but at a questionable price.

What a delightful read. It did start off a bit slow, but once I got to know the characters more and mystery was added in to the storyline, I was hooked. Katie really has a knack for writing realistic, authentic people. They’re just so human. She interweaves her characters with interesting concepts that have me turning the page to find out more.

My points of interest:

– Thea was such a great main character. We get to see two versions of her in two parallel dimensions so her character range was interesting to explore. She’s smart and career focussed but still has the emotional capacity to understand there’s more to life than her work. She was just so human.

– The romance was well fitted to the novel and didn’t distract or deter from the core storyline. Thea and Issac have been plutonic for years but we see them slowly fall in to the love territory through strength bonding experiences and beautiful flashbacks of their initial days as friends. I felt inexplicably drawn to them, and felt the natural progression of friends to lovers was done cohesively.

– The science behind time travel and the explaining of quantum physics was done so in a manner that anyone could understand it. I’ve had a fondness for quantum physics since reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, so I was intrigued by the concept of a prism that reflected light being used to time travel, or as we learn, a way to alternate dimensions. We were walked through the logistics of it and it was spoken about fluidly and concisely for even an unknowledgable reader.

– Strong female friendships made this story such a standout in modern literature. We have a group of women who are all well educated, supportive of one another and never undermine each other. Despite having vastly different personalities, they unite in support of one another and are always there at times of need.

Overall, The Light Between Us has solidified Katie Khan as an auto buy author for me. Her knack for writing realistic characters and creating unique storylines in the sci-fi universe makes me excited for what’s next in the genre.

Let’s just say, she’s one to keep an eye on.


  1. Winged Cynic · May 21, 2019

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I love friends to lovers storylines done well, and the female characters sound very smartly executed. I have never heard of this book, but apparently it is one I should keep an eye out for? Excellent review! ❤

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