Review Policy

I am happy to receive finished books, arcs and other bookish content for an honest review. Physical books and arcs will be displayed and reviewed on my Instagram page and blog if I enjoy the content. A review will also go up on my Goodreads account.

I review primarily YA fiction in the categories:

– Science fiction

– Fantasy

– Dystopians

– Contemporaries

– Thrillers

I don’t accept the following genres:

– Romance

– Erotic fiction

– Non fiction

All opinions are my own, and I use a 5 star guide to review my books:

1 star: I didn’t want to finish it. The plot and characters were poorly written.

2 stars: The book lacked in multiple areas but had some redeeming qualities.

3 stars: The book didn’t fully reach my expectations but still had good qualities.

4 stars: The book was written well with great characters and storyline.

5 stars: The book was very enjoyable. The tone, characters and overall plot of the book was done to a high standard.

Feel free to contact me on my email for any book queries.