A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

Genre: YA Contemporary

Rating: 4/5 stars

One boy. One girl. 14 different perspectives. Lets see how they fell in love…

A Little Something Different was a cute quick read. The story follows Gabe and Lea as they navigate from friends to lovers through the ups and down of life. They both take the same creative writing class, order the same take out, and know the same pop culture references and it seems everyone knows they should be together except themselves. Told from fourteen perspectives (never Gabe or Lea’s) the book was able to give a lot of information without feeling bombarded.

Here are my main points:

– I thought with fourteen perspectives it’d be overwhelming but trust me, it wasn’t. Key characters got more page time, and I actually enjoyed the change in characters throughout. We had the creative writing teacher, the delivery guy, Lea’s friends, Gabe’s friends, and we even got viewpoints from a squirrel and the bench the characters sit on! It somehow all worked.

– I liked Gabe as a character. He’s hella shy and it was nice to see a guy genuinely awkward around someone he likes. His backstory played a big part of his character and I enjoyed seeing some depth to him. Everything isn’t what meets the eye and I liked finding out more about Gabe.

– Lea was a nice character to read. She was understanding, kind but was also able to hold her own.

– For a quick read, I felt everything was spaced out and it didn’t feel rushed. I didn’t need anymore than I was given (maybe a bit more of Gabe and Lea together at last!) but overall was pleased.

Overall, if you want a cute contemporary read, pick this one up. It’s a light read for those who want some brightness in their life, and a set of characters to keep you on your toes.